Bath Soaps

All of my bath soaps are made completely from scratch using the hot or cold process methods and then cured to perfection. Though I refer to them as bath soaps, they are all more than gentle and moisturizing enough for use as facial bars. They contain no synthetic preservatives or artificial foaming agents. They all produce a rich, moisturizing, skin-nourishing, aromatic lather that will make your bathing ritual a truly hedonistic experience. I use several different formulas for my soaps and I've provided the ingredients of each. For the benefits and properties of the oils and butters I use, take a look at the properties of oils/butters page. Unless otherwise noted, all bars weigh approximately 4 to 5 ounces (N.B. this is not a guarantee; some bars may weigh a little less than four ounces and others may weigh a little more than five).