Tallow, Lanolin, & Kokum Butter Shaving Soap Jars

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This soap is the real deal. Tallow is the main ingredient, regarded by many shaving enthusiasts (myself included) as yielding the creamiest, slickest, and most protective lather possible. In addition, this soap is rich in vegetable glycerin, kokum butter, shea butter, and avocado oil. It also contains kaolin clay, which creates a slick buffer between your skin and the blade. The icing on the cake is lanolin, a waxy substance derived from the wool of sheep and a fantastic conditioner and humectant. This soap will provide an effortless and downright decadent shave that will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and smooth. Each polypropylene recyclable jar contains about 5 ounces of soap. (N.B. this is not a guarantee; some jars will contain somewhat more or less than five ounces of soap).

Ingredients: Distilled water; saponified tallow (beef) and stearic acid; vegetable glycerin; saponified kokum butter, avocado oil, and shea butter; lanolin, fragrance and/or essential oil(s); saponified coconut oil; kaolin clay, vitamin E.

Available scents:

EO = Scented with essential oil(s)
FO = Scented with fragrance oil(s)

Rose, Patchouli, & Cedarwood (EO) - Sweet and delicate rose geranium rounds out a soft, woody base of patchouli & cedarwood. $15.00

Bergamot, Orange, Ylang-ylang (EO) - Citrus top notes supported by the deep, sweet, sultry aroma of the ylang-ylang flower. $15.00

Wild Honeysuckle (FO) - The sweet, uplifting scent of wild honeysuckle. Avoid this one if you have an especially sensitive schnoz; it's pretty potent. $14.00

Lavandin & Eucalyptus (EO) - A subtle scent similar to lavender, but with a slightly more camphorous, slightly less floral quality. More invigorating than calming/soothing. $14.00

Hungarian Lavender (EO) - I've acquired a Hungarian lavender essential oil that I'm very enthusiastic about. It's flowery, herbaceous, earthy, and fresh. $15.00

Barber Shop (FO) - A complex, potent, manly scent consisting of bergamot, basil, oakmoss, and patchouli. $13.00

Orange, Cedarwood, & Black Pepper (EO) - While orange is the dominant scent here, a judicious blend of cedarwood and black pepper is easily discerned and provides additional complexity. $14.50

Lime (EO) - Simple, sweet, citrusy invigorating lime. $14.00

Peppermint & Rosemary (EO) - A minty, fresh, and herbaceous combo that imparts a mild cooling sensation to the skin. $14.00

Pine & Cedarwood (EO) - This scent is simultaneously invigorating and warm. The dominant note is pine, which is backed up and rounded out by a cedarwood base. $14.00

Lemongrass & Eucalyptus (EO) - Dry, lemony, and invigorating. $13.50

Bay Rum (EO) - Spicy bay leaf combined with bergamot and a dab of vanilla. $16.00

Unscented - I add no fragrance or essential oils to this soap. It smells simply like the ingredients of which it is composed. $12.50

Coconut (FO) - Refreshing raw coconut with a base of vanilla. $13.00

Vetiver (EO) - The vetiver essential oil used in this soap hails from Haiti. It's deep, earthy, smoky, and just a little sweet.$19.00

Empty Jar w/Labels - **Please specify which scent via email.** $3.15